Stream with Confidence on Windows

Streaming movies and TV shows is a popular activity that keeps our Windows devices hard at work. Whether it’s killing time on a morning commute or relaxing after work, services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are gaining popularity by the day. As a result, the risk of cybercrime has increased too, so how can … Read more

How To Install Any Windows Version Using Rufus

windows 10 desktop

Rufus is a program that permits users to make the ISO image on the USB stick. For making a bootable USB utilizing Rufus, all you require is: The ISO of any windows version The newest version of Rufus  A spare USB (an eight GB USB ought to be enough for Windows 10 but ensure that … Read more

5 Best Free Driver Updaters To Keep a PC Up To Date

Drivers are known to allow the users to share the data or install to keep your system’s software up to date. There is a long list of such drivers that are free and most efficient updaters to rely on any time you need. So, let’s discuss what driver updaters offer to one of the 5 … Read more

How To Fix Error Code 0x8004de34 In Microsoft Onedrive

Error Code 0x8004de34 Microsoft Onedrive

In this article I will show you how to fix the error code 0x8004de34 when signing in to Microsoft Onedrive What causes the error code 0x8004de34? The error code 0x8004de34 appears because there is an issue with your newly added onedrive account and it is conflicting with your original account.  If this is the first … Read more

How to fix Bootmgr image is corrupted Windows 10?

In this article we will be looking at one of the most painful errors that can occur with our computers. The problem with the BootMGR corruption. But what exactly is BootMGR? BootMGR is a bootloader responsible for allowing the booting of various operating systems from the same computer. So missing or corrupt BootMGR file can … Read more

How To Fix Google Chrome Update Error 0x80040902

Google Chrome Update Error 0x80040902

In this article I will show you how to fix google chrome update error 0x80040902. The error (error code 7: 0x80040902: 50 –) will show in google chrome when you have tried to update the application.  The error message will look like the one one in the screen shot below In my experience this issue … Read more

How To Disable Auto Update on Google Chrome

disable google chrome auto updates

By default Google Chrome is set to automatically download and install any updates that have been released. There is no option within Chrome to just turn off updates. In this article I will show you how you can disable auto updates for Google Chrome. How To Disable Auto Update on Google Chrome There are a few … Read more

What Are The Best Video Editing Software?

best video editing software

Today the world has become digital where everything works on screens and tabs we need the most easiest way to get our work done. Now a days a lot of the people around the world use digital platform for their work and it does not require pen and paper but a little technology. Considering field … Read more

How To Enable Adobe Flash Player In Google Chrome

How To Enable Flash In Google Chrome

In this article I will show you how to enable adobe flash player in google chrome.  By default flash is disabled in google chrome. If flash is disabled in your browser you will not be able to access certain functions on websites such as videos on youtube, You will get an error like the one … Read more