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Older adults are more prone to conditions affecting bones and joints. Arthritis and osteoporosis fall into the category of diseases that can progress rapidly with age and place older adults at risk of chronic pain, falls and fractures. Many treatment options are available for older individuals to cope with the debilitating effects of such conditions.

Among those, treatment plans focussing on the overall wellbeing of those affected are gaining popularity than the ones aimed at addressing the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. A combination of prescription medication, physical therapy and ideal supplemental therapies such as CBD therapy are being increasingly accepted and practiced among older people due to the sustainable manner in which such approaches help with managing the conditions.

Bone Health In Older Adults

Loss of bone mass is common in older people due to a decreased production of necessary hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Older women are at a higher risk of such conditions when compared to older men. The loss of bone mass and resultant decrease in bone density can lead to fractures from falls or in worse cases, a simple sneeze. Those with fragile bones might also experience chronic pain as a result, making it difficult for them to move or perform their daily routine without assistance.

The Role Of Combination Treatment

While prescription medications can help increase bone density in individuals affected with conditions like osteoporosis, physical therapy can help them regain their motor functions and stay agile. The role of supplemental therapy such as CBD therapy is in reducing inflammation in the body, leading to less pain. CBD can also help repair cells and thereby aid in strengthening bones. CBD has beneficial properties that can help our body heal faster after a fall or fracture. This quality of the compound can be of immense use to older adults who are prone to such situations on a daily basis. Making CBD consumption a part of their daily routine can help older individuals maintain healthy bones and joints.

Timely diagnosis of osteoporosis and related issues can help to a great extent with the treatment and rehabilitation of those affected. This is especially true for older adults, who can benefit greatly from supplemental therapies such as CBD therapy if diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. CBD therapy can help slow down the progression of the disease and help with regeneration of tissues, thereby contributing to better quality of life of older adults.

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