Leekthough: An Artist That Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to Music

In the world, various hidden faces are waiting to showcase their talent once the opportunity avails itself. Leekthough is one such individual who has made his introduction to the international market with such force, he continually gains new admirers.

Born on the 5th of January 1995, William Mallik Harris p.k.a. Leekthough, has been producing music at home with Soca Jones, alongside building his entrepreneurial skills over the past eight years. However, it is only recently that he has deemed himself at the same level, even greater rather, than his fellow competitors in the industry. With this debut, Leekthough has made quite a big contribution in the world of sound; creations that range from hype energetic dance hits to captivating melodic cinematic ambiances account for his catalogue. Although now a part of the mainstream industry, Leekthough has found his voice. Staying true to himself whilst in an extremely competitive market.

Leekthough struck gold in the commercial industry with his right-hand man & producer Soca Jones. They have both created an initiative to improve the world of entertainment through an independent creative collective; LeekSeason. It encapsulates several aspects of an expressive lifestyle, both personal and professional. Leekthough states, “Soca and I have built such a fortified sound and brand over the years.”

For all who are business-minded and appreciate the art of sound, Leekthough & Soca Jones have been crafting a genuine and quite literal out-of-this-world album; “Luna”.  Executively produced by the Platinum super-producer Soca Jones, both have created a gorgeous sonic they call “international cinema”. Luna is set to be released Spring 2023. It is because of their extensive range of capabilities and services that LeekSeason can also cater to a variety of clients, in various markets of musical genres.

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You can stream Leekthough’s catalog below: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Io0W7xMYxcxxIHcUIAS07?si=S24W86zVSbaKDbECeS0fwA


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