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What is Oasis Tubes?

Oasis Wear Tubes is the latest addition to our expanding range of anti-wear solution for industry.

Basically it consists of easy-to-weld mild steel tubes which have been internally welded with Complex Carbide alloy which maintains the exceptional wear resistance of our well known ODP 650. Furthermore, Oasis Wear Tube avoids expensive forming operations of flat plate into tube.

Oasis Wear Tubes offer many advantages:
■ Highly cost effective
■ Absence of harmful linear weld joints
■ Exceptional wear resistance
■ Perfect round cross section
■ Spiral welding minimises distortion
■ Lightweight for handling
■ Easy-to-join by welding or mechanical means.

Download Oasis Tubes General Brochure [PDF]

Oasis Wear Tubes coating

Micro-Structure ODPApplied internal coating thicknesses are typically 3-5mm. The Complex Carbide wearfacing alloy contains multiple hard phases with hardness ranging 1500 - 2700 HV which resist abrasion and erosion even at elevated temperature. Alternative alloys and different base tube compositions for extreme service conditions [eg high temperature erosion] are available on request.

ODP ComparisonControlled cooling during the manufacturing process produces densely dispersed hard phases. These are vertically oriented to provide superior wear resistance as compared to conventional weld coating.




Oasis Wear Tubes wear resistance

OTB GraphOasis Wear Tubes are engineered for exceptional wear resistance as illustrated by the laboratory abrasion wear test data. This performance results from:

■ Ultra-hard phases anchored in a tough matrix. Their hardness is typically 2-3 times higher than the most abrasive media used in industrial processes.
■ Unique geometry of hard phases achieved by controlled cooling of weld solidification kinetics. These tend to nucleate as a dispersion between other needle shaped phases which are vertically oriented and firmly anchored within the matrix. This prevents premature "washing out" of the hard phases from the "softer" matrix by wear.

  Standard Oasis Wear Tubes Range
Standard OTB Range
Maximum Length 3.0 Mts.

Tubes with a minimum inner diameter of 100mm are available, with a maximum length of 3.0m. Oasis Wear Tubes can be fitted with standard flanges so that the replacement of worn out tubes can be done quickly and easily.

Virtually any inner diameter ranging from 100-300mm can be produced by applying a different wearfacing thickness inside the standard base tube. This allows a close mating joint to the existing installation, thus avoiding turbulent media flow.

Item No. Inner dia Base Tube Wear facing
Outer dia Wall
0100 OT 3635 100 114.3 3.6 3.5
0125 OT 4035 125 139.7 4.0 3.5
0150 OT 4545 150 168.3 4.5 4.5
0200 OT 5050 200 220.0 5.0 5.0
0250 OT 6350 250 273.0 6.3 5.0
Additional dimensions are also available on request.

Standard OTB Range

Flange Joints
Oasis Wear Tubes are available with slip-on or integral flanges in accordance with DIN/EN standards. Other types of flange joints are also available on request.

Elbows are fabricated by cutting Oasis Wear Tubes into wedges and re-assembling them according to customer specifications for the pipe bend geometry.