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Oasis Diamond Plates
Oasis Diamond Plates

A Member of
Oasis Investment Company LLC


Oasis Diamond Plates

Machinery & Capabilities

We offer you complete welding solution for Break down jobs & Time bound jobs.

3 Tri axial CNC robot for ODP production
Semi automatic ID overlaying Machine for OTB production
CNC Laser Cutting Machine
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Column & Boom with rotators for Heavy Duct/Pipe fabrication

  ODP production capacity of 3000 plates i.e. 10000 m2/annum.
  OTB production capacity is 2500 m/annum.
  Our fabrication capacity 1500 MT/annum
  Project Fabrication: OWT has a Engineering & Project Department to carry out heavy fabrication jobs.
Table liners and Rollers
Klin Tyre Crack
Cement mill / Ball Mill Shell crack
Kiln Crack
Cement Mill Head crack
Support Roller crack


  3 Tri axial CNC Robot
3 Tri axial CNC robot

CNC Laser Cutting Machine
OTB Robot

Fabrication Work under Progress
Fabrication Work under progress

Roller Press Rebuilding
Roller Press Rebuilding